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Job search

Looking for a job can be a full time job in itself. There are hosts of on-line search engines, and finding the right jobs to apply for is time-consuming.

Finding support to help you with your job search.

If you are claiming employment related benefits you will have a work coach to give some support but look wider – there are lots of people who can help with your CV, job search, interview preparation, training and confidence.

  • Housing Associations – often provide free advice and support to their tenants. If you are a tenant, call and find out
  • Libraries – many libraries run internet and work clubs where you can get practical advice and swap ideas with others who are looking for work as well
  • Local community groups, mental health organisations and advice providers – try our searchable directory to find support near to you

If you are in receipt of Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) or on an equivalent form of Universal Credit you will need to prove that you are actively looking for work each week.  The Job Centre may give you a booklet to fill in; it is a good idea to keep a note of anything job-related you have done each week – visiting agencies, asking family/friends, checking the newspaper, emails you have sent and any responses you have received.


Searching safely

When you are job searching, you need to be careful of opportunities that look too good to be true, especially opportunities to apparently work from home. Be suspicious of anything that promises you will make a huge amount of money for not many hours, or anything asking for money from you. If in doubt, check out the company further and get advice – such as from your local Citizens Advice – if you are still not sure.


Help finding the right job

You might need help to decide what type of job to apply for. You can access careers advice through the National Careers Service where you can access webchat, telephone, email or local face to face careers advice. You can also speak to an adviser in your first language. Call 0800 100 900 and choose option 5 for advice in a different language using an interpreter

You can find out about different types of jobs on the National Careers Service website or watch videos of employees talking about their work at careers box


Finding job vacancies

Here are some useful links to find job vacancies: is the Universal Jobmatch’ site from DWP – the Jobcentre may ask you to use this site and give permission for them to track your activity to provide evidence of your job search.

cv-library is a searchable directory of jobs and training, advice and tips

labourtech is a recruitment agency based in East Anglia for jobs with local and county councils in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and the regions, including school jobs

NHS vacancies (the UK’s largest employer). You could also try for careers advice on NHS roles. is a website that collects job adverts from lots of other websites, allowing you search multiple sites with just one click. For a tutorial on using indeed by one of our New Horizons coaches, click here is useful for finding employment agencies by location and/or areas of work

Maximusuk – help people find employment, access support and remain healthy in their workplace or community Manages the job pages for Hunts Post, Cambs Times and others This website manages the job pages for Peterborough Today, The Newmarket Journal, Fenland Citizen and Kings Lynn News This is the website for Cambridge News


Build networks

Let people know you are looking for work and get their tips and ideas plus try:

Job clubs – these will link you to other local people and provide a friendly place to get help and support and prepare for interviews

Job fairs – the Job Centre runs regular jobs and skills fair for their customers. Call 0345 6043719 to find out dates coming up

Try our searchable directory for an organisation who can help you find work


Self employment

Lots of people find work by setting up their own business. There are several organisations that can help you develop your plans, think about the skills and money you need and provide support

NWES can help start up and develop a business for lots of information around running your own business and becoming self employed for help when a business has become established

Based in Cambridge, Allia can help social enterprises and people wanting to make a positive impact.