Help towards finding employment and volunteering

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Skills development

Training and learning are great for your CV, they show employers that you are keen and help you stay positive.

You can find a local organisation who can help you find a course that will work for you by using our services directory.

Top up your everyday skills

Confidence in reading, writing, everyday maths and using computers is a part of many jobs. If you would value help just ask at your local library and they can tell you what is running near you. You can also search for courses on or ask for help from one of the organisations in the directory. Courses in these subjects are usually free, some even pay for transport for you to get to them.

Not having a qualification in English or Maths can be a particular barrier to getting into work and it is well worth finding out about courses in them.


Lifelong learning

Whilst some people really enjoy their time at school for many it is a stressful and difficult time and thinking about learning can bring back challenging memories. Learning as an adult though, is a very different thing and has been shown to help your overall wellbeing – it can give you a new lease of life.

There is often a lower course charge for people on certain benefits and there might also be grants available to help.

To find out about local courses, try your local library, Adult Learning at Community Colleges, ask for help from one of the local organisations in the searchable directory, or try one of these websites:

Coursera – offer a range of learning opportunities – lists courses from yoga to degree courses – Find local courses and tutors – National Careers Service course finder – Provides information about its own course; careers job profiles; provides downloadable guides

Futurelearn – online learning


Informal learning

You don’t need to join a course to learn, there are social groups like fitness or reading groups where you can meet people and improve your confidence in an area. You can find out more about local social groups in your area in local newsletters, looking on notice boards or asking on Facebook forums.


On-line learning

Whilst there are benefits of learning with other people, there are many on-line courses that you can do at home or in your local library. The following are some of those

Learn my way – this is an online learning tool covering computer skills, job skills, as well as plenty of information about how to make the most out of being online

BBC this has lots of online learning resources for adults including internet skills as well as improving maths and English skills – please note that these pages are no longer being updated

Future learn – a huge variety of free courses from universities and other organisations

Digital unite not so much a course, as a library of easy-to-understand guides on how to do a wide range of things on your computer. Designed for older people but can be useful for anyone

Maths everywhere An interactive learning tool to help deal with the numbers and calculations in everyday life

Coursera – offer a range of learning opportunities